Floral Sage Energy Cleansing Kit


The benefit of smudging with sacred herbs is an ancient purification tradition, in which sacred plants and herbs are burned, allowing the smoke to clear negative or stagnant energies on yourself, your home or any space. Palo Santo benefits include Energy cleansing, purifying, creativity and more. 

Our white sage sticks are organically grown and sustainably harvested in California. Each piece is hand-assembled with love and the greatest of intentions in our Atlanta studio and ready to burn. Each floral sage stick will vary in color.

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MATERIAL: California White Sage | Rose Petals
SIZE: See item description below
(1) California Sage Stick (1) Palo Santo (1) Abalone Shell (1)wood stand


MINI SET - Sage Stick 4-5" long  3-5 uses. Include 4-5" Shell


LARGE SET - Sage Stick 6-7" long  5-10 uses. Include 6" Shell


JUMBO SET - Sage Stick 8-9" long  10-20 uses. Include 6" Shell 

|| HOW TO USE || 
Complimentary Instruction Card Included.

Handmade with love and the greatest of intentions!