Nir·va·na /nərˈvänə,nirˈvänə/

nirvana is the highest state that someone can attain, a state of enlightenment - HAPPINESS! 

Welcome to La Nirvana healing space...

La Nirvana™, established in 2018, is an online wellness shop that caters to inspiring & teaching you how to take your power back through holistic healing.

With nirvana meaning -- the full state of happiness, it falls right into the vision for La Nirvana.

Inspired by nature, La Nirvana offers a variety of wellness products for your everyday self-care needs. The healing properties of our products will help you navigate through life, learn the power of setting intentions, setting boundaries, encourage growth, & how to manifest personal goals.

As a company that value craft & sustainability for the community, our collection of goods are ethically produced with natural ingredients that are natural, non-toxic, & locally sourced.

Thank you so much for stopping by & supporting a community of goodness!